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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Cardiff Blues

by Jim O'Connor, 2020-11-21

The only good thing about Monday night rugby is that it gives you a new appreciation for Sunday rugby as in "well, at least it's not Monday".

The abandonment of the Friday night slot still grates though and you genuinely wonder about the mental acuity of the TV companies driving this change. Plenty of Pro rugby fans look forward to a game on TV on Friday evening as they relax into their weekend. Even if their team isn't playing, they can still watch one of their rival teams.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Edinburgh Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2020-11-15

After two wins on the road, Leinster are back at home for another (sigh) Monday night game as they host Edinburgh.

For most of last season Edinburgh were the best team in Conference B. They finished top of the table and looked to be heading for the final as they led Ulster 19-7 in the semi-final. Yet they threw the game away and it was Ulster who eventually lost to Leinster in the final.
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Match Preview: Ospreys vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2020-11-09

Leinster earned an impressive win last Monday against a Glasgow team stacked with international backs. They also got another four try bonus point to maintain their record of obtaining maximum points from all four fixtures this season. A number of youngsters stood out like Harry Byrne, Scott Penny and Tommy O'Brien. A special mention needs to go to Jimmy O'Brien who once again filled in at full back with aplomb.
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Match Preview: Glasgow Warriors vs Leinster Rugby

by Jim O'Connor, 2020-11-02

Monday, Bloody Monday!

You got to hand to those Pro-whatever administrators, they are the masters at giving the fans what they never asked for.
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Match Preview: Leinster Rugby vs Zebre

by Jim O'Connor, 2020-10-22

Let's be grateful for small mercies first. At least we have rugby to watch this lockdown.

Yes it's Zebre at home on a weekend of a Six Nations championship. But it's still something to pass an evening and chat about with friends on WhatsApp even if we can't stand on a terrace together for the moment.
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