Rise in abusive posts

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Rise in abusive posts

Post by limecat »

Over the last few week, there's been a lot of animosity on the forum. We've tried to manage and control it through the use of user warnings. This has not worked as we'd have liked.

So, what happens next?

We will be taking a zero tolerance approach going forward.

The forum is paid for and run by volunteers. We all have our own lives, families and jobs. We do it because we love Leinster. We don't have the time to babysit a forum 24/7, nor should it be necessary.

To be clear
  • If a user brings up that another poster "wrote off" any of our players, you will face a ban.
  • If a user brings up that posters were giving out that other posters "wrote off" any of our players, you will face a ban.
  • If you have an issue with something that another user posts on the forum, use the report function.
To put it another way; "This ends here".

Reporting posts

If you want to help the moderation team, report a post that you have issues with.

Note though, that as I've mentioned above, the moderation team run the forum on a voluntary basis, so issues may not be dealt with as quickly as you might wish. Do not respond in kind, you will be banned.

When reporting posts, do you in a respectful manner. Explain why you think moderation is needed. If your report is disrespectful towards the moderators or is telling the moderation team how they need to act in response to a post, you will find yourself receiving end of a warning or more. And as Jonathan Danty was warned over the weekend, if you're already on a yellow card, acting in this was will result in it being upgraded to a red.