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Official Leinster Supporters Club AGM - Minutes

I am delighted to announce that at the inaugural annual general meeting (AGM) of the Official Leinster Supporters Club at Old Belvedere Rugby Club last Thursday, 30 August 2007, the club was formally constituted and its constitution was ratified.  I am even more pleased to tell you that I now have a committee to work with me to improve your enjoyment of Leinster Rugby this season.  The new committee members are Jarrod Bromley, David Cahill, Tara Doyle, David Harold, Garrett McColgan, Alison Moore and myself.  We can all be contacted at LeinsterSupportersClub@LeinsterRugby.ie and we welcome any ideas or suggestions you may have.  We look forward to working with Leinster Rugby and their sponsors to grow the supporter base and do our bit to ensure a successful season for Leinster Rugby this year.

A copy of the draft minutes of the AGM are attached/set out below.  They will be formally presented to the members for approval at next year's AGM.

Robbie O'Connor
Official Leinster Supporters Club

Official Leinster Supporters Club AGM 2007 - Meeting Minutes

by Robbie O'Connor, © 2007-09-07