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General News: Official Leinster Supporters Club AGM - Agenda

by LSC Working Group, 2007-08-28

The Official Leinster Supporters Club have made the agenda for this Thursdays AGM available for download:

Official Leinster Supprters Club - AGM Agenda

General News: Leinster Supporters Club - Candidate Profiles

by LSC Working Group, 2013-02-03

Getting to know your election candidates.

The candidates for the committee of the Official Leinster Supporters Club have provided a small introduction to themselves so that you can get to know them before the vote on Thursday.
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General News: Leinster Supporters Club Announcement

by LSC Working Group, 2007-08-21

The inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Official Leinster Supporters Club will be held on Thursday, 30 August 2007 at Old Belvedere RFC at 8.00 pm, at which it is proposed to formally adopt the club's constitution and to elect its first committee.
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General News: Nominations for Supporters Club Committee Close

by Paul Kelly, 2007-08-13

The deadline for nominations for the Leinster Supporters Club Committee has now passed.
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General News: 2nd Annual LSC Table Quiz

by LSC Working Group, 2007-07-18

Those of you who have spent hours upon hours scratching your heads, chewing your pencils or pulling your hair out trying to answer Uncle Mort's Friday Quiz's - the good news is that you can now do it from the comfort of your very own supporters club pub.
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